Simulation Game Addiction – SimCity

Have you heard of the new simulation game that EA released for the iPhone and Android users?  Well, this probably old news already and I am pretty much late but this game just got me so hocked to it that I spent some pretty long hours of gameplay on this game.  Yes, I am talking about SimCity Buildit, which was popularized before as a PC game.

Developers have noticed the rise of so many new games on the mobile platform and because of its versatility, developers and publishers realized that the market is continuously rising and more potential to cashing in on new kind of players.  Just take for example the very well know games from supercell – the Clash of Clans and BoomBeach which according to their financial report, earns them billions from ingame purchases.

Following this development, the team from EA followed the approach of using a free-to-play platform but with options that gamers can buy online for some special goodies. And their study was correct.  The Simcity Buildit game was released as a freemium and those bringing in lots of new games and old fans alike.  This even resulted in 15.5 Million downloads on the first 3 weeks of its release and continues to grow every minute, everyday. EA surely cashed and bank big on this game.

The GamePlay

The gameplay is very much similar to its previous version, the first thing you’d notice is that everything have been sized down to fit the small screen of our mobile phone.  Yet despite this, the graphics of the game is still very good and clear with full color and the simulation of building and running city has all been reflected.  Another difference is that  the size by which you can create your City is relatively smaller. Again, it is probably because the developers have considered the minimal capacity of the processing speed and graphic interface of Android and iOS phones.

Tricks I Discovered

simcity builditIn my long hours of gameplay, I have found some tricks to the game that you too can use. Of course if you don’t want to do this, you can always download a simcity buildit iphone cheat tool and just hack the game.  This tools I see are very tempting because you can get all the game resources like simcash and simoleons for free and in an instant. But I feel that I would quickly lose my desire to play the game if all the structures that I want to build are already there and the challenge of managing a city and providing the need of my Sims will no longer be a challenge at all.

So because of this, I opted to play the game the hard way and try to discover some game glitches that I can use and exploit the game.  Would you like to know this little secret?

While playing the game, the very first thing you will notice that the fastest way to earn simoleons or simcity money is to keep building residential houses and upgrade them to the fullest.  The difference however is that you cannot control the percentage of tax you want to charge to your sims and it all depends on the land value where the residential lot is located.  So that means in order to raise the land value, you also have to provide all the necessary special structures around the area.  But then again, doing this would entail that you should even spend more.

I however discovered that each time you create and upgrade a residential lot, you will be awarded with another lot aside from the money you receive but this reward is not taken away if you decide to bulldoze and remove that said residential structure.

So this gave me an idea. Remember when you first start out and upgrading your residential houses were so easy because you only needed steel to upgrade the house?  Yup. it was so easy and so fast.   But since I was already at a higher level, it would also mean that I have to remove and bulldoze all my residential lots and start over.

Anyway, I took the plunge and bulldozed all my residential lots. Started building just 2 residentials and when I completed the upgrade, I bulldozed it again. To my surprise, it was really quick to raise 100 simoleons which took me less that 30 minutes of grinding.  It’s a boring task of building, destroying and rebuilding but the process was so easy since I only needed steel to upgrade.

So there you have it guys. If you are willing to destroy your City, this trick and cheat is for you.  But if not, then I suggest you just download a hack tool and apply it on your game.


5 Crazy Inventions We Though was Crazy

In 1879, Henry Morton, a leading clinical mind and president of the Stevens Institute of Technology, called one man’s dabbling a “obvious failing.” The male was Thomas Edison. The creation was the light bulb.

That was certainly incorrect, and also the light bulb ended up being a solid invention. But Morton’s statement was likewise disclosing. Sometimes it’s really hard to understand whether brand-new developments will be losers or favorites. Which knows– maybe our grandkids will pertain to like Google Glass, Segways, and also Dippin’ Dots.

Morton’s pronouncement shows simply how tough it is to anticipate the future. In his instance, he didn’t doubt that Edison’s lightbulb was useful. His primary objection was that there was no chance to carry power long distances and get light bulbs in every home (also Edison could not figure that out on his own.) Projecting the destiny of a brand-new development typically means forecasting broad social and also technical modifications– which’s surprisingly difficult.

With that said in mind, right here’s a check out 7 various other crucial inventions– from the bicycle to nail gloss to the answering machine– that had their skeptics early on. There’s a whole lot to learn from incorrect predictions:

  1. Bicycles: “The popularity of the wheel is doomed” – Today, we think of bikes as a major source of transport, yet they started as a trendy style statement. That’s why some critics were hesitant that they would certainly stay (spoiler: they did).  bicyclesBikes had a quick rise: on August 20, 1890, the Washington Blog post called bicycling a warm trend for fancy ladies as well as not simply for the “bleached-haired, music-hall kind” any longer (read: hipsters). The craze was driven by improved technology, as big-wheeled bikes came to be more detailed to the ones we utilize today. The bicycle’s development was so rapid that on February 29, 1896, the Washington Blog post called biking the national sporting activity. Yet then the fad faded. On August 17, 1902, the Article called biking a passing fancy, and experts proclaimed “the appeal of the wheel is doomed.” Critics believed bikes were risky, impossible to enhance, and also inevitably impractical for everyday usage. On December 31, 1906, the New York Sun left its verdict: “As a craze biking is dead, and couple of people now ride for all the excellent they declare to view in the leisure activity when it was style.”. The Sun turned out to be wrong. Throughout the years, bikes got far better tires, and tougher framework. America’s roads also acquired smoother. That made bicycles an increasingly practical option– as well as not simply a passing fad.
  2. Autos: “The costs will never be sufficiently reduced – In 1902, the New York Times called the automobile unwise– as well as they had a few good reasons why. Following the bike fad of the 1890s, reporters and also analysts were wary of the “next large point” in transportation. As one doubter placed it:. cars 06 Automobiling is com plying with the history of cycling with such impressive distance in practically every specific, both as a sport and also a sector, that the concern is frequently asked if today moment of development will certainly be followed by a collapse as complete and also as devastating as was that of the cycling boom of a few brief years back. The Times complained that the cost of cars “will never be sufficiently low to make them as commonly prominent as were bicycles.” It didn’t aid that some of the early proposals for an auto-centric transportation system were extravagant. In 1902, The Steel Roads Committee of the Automobile Club of America was angling for a steel highway system. Bizarre proposals like that made it harder to believe the vehicle would certainly ever before succeed. Yet it did. When Henry Ford refined the automation of autos, the cost came down and autos removed, ultimately becoming the dominant kind of transport.
  3. Liquid nail gloss was a “weird and also special trend” – In 1917, Cutex designed the closest point to contemporary mass-market fluid nail gloss. But it took a while for nail polish to strike the mainstream. nail polishIn 1927, the New york city Times stated on it as a “London fad,” and the year before, writer Viola Paris took to the web pages of Vogue to evaluate the brand-new development. “There seems to be some uncertainty,” she wrote, “psychological of a terrific numerous females regarding whether nail gloss is in any means damaging or, at the very least, not so great for the nails as the powder or paste polish.”. As late as March 31, 1932, the Atlanta Daily Globe wondered about how long colored fingernails can potentially stay. “Dame fashion, wayward as well as rebellious as the wind,” the paper snarked, “has so many unusual and also unique fads that her latest vagary, that of tinting the fingernails … has actually ended up being very prominent.”.  Ultimately, nail polish wasn’t merely a passing fancy. A lot better making procedures, a new age of mass advertising, and clear benefits over powders and pastes helped it stick around.
  4. Talkies: “Chatting doesn’t belong in images” – In 1928, Joseph Schenck, Head of state of United Artists, seemed certain concerning something: chatting pictures were a craze. He informed The New York Times that “speaking doesn’t belong in pictures.” Though he conceded that sound results could be helpful, he felt that discussion was exaggerated. “I don’t believe people will want talking photos long,” he said, as well as he had not been alone.  In 1967, starlet Mary Astor recollected the state of mind when the quiet period drew to a close. She wrote, “Allure Singer was considered a box-office freak,” and that talkies were “a box-office gimmick.” In an early talkie screening, she as well as her associates believed “the sound would just drive audiences from the movie theaters … we were in an entirely various tool.”. In the long run, however, talkies confirmed out to be a lot more compelling compared to the aged tools. Audiences changed, audio-recording innovation enhanced, and a brand-new generation of Hollywood bigwigs accepted dialogue.
  5. Cheeseburgers: “Typical of America” – Many sources credit Lionel Sternberger with inventing the hamburger in 1934, though there’s a lot of discussion. Silhouette of cheese burger and summer garden vegetablesRegardless of which thought of it, the concept of beef and also cheese was initially considereded a crazy The golden state uniqueness rather than as a revelation. The very first time the New York Times covered hamburgers in 1938, they rated the burgers as a Californian eccentricity, placing them third in a list together with nutburgers, porkburgers, and turkeyburgers. In 1947, a Times writer actually deigned to attempt a hamburger, albeit skeptically:. At first, the combination of beef with cheese as well as tomatoes, which are sometimes used, might seem unusual. If you mirror a bit, you’ll understand that the combination is sound gastronomically.  In the long run, a lot of individuals concurred that the hamburger was “sound gastronomically.” And also when convenience food chains– like McDonald’s– included it on their menus, it was assured a position on the American plate.

High School Student Died of Motorcycle Accident

A secondary school student from died early Friday early morning in a motorcycle accident near Conroe, Texas. The victim had merely put the Yamaha up for sale on Thursday.

Trenton Lot of money, 17, was using to satisfy his sweetheart for morning meal at McDonald’s when he struck a Hyundai making a turn on Highway 105 near Freeport Street.

The Montgomery Senior high school pupil was thrown from the bike as well as he died at the scene.

Lot of money’s partner Maddie knew something was incorrect when he really did not address his phone. She tracked the phone to the collision scene.

Maddie needed to break the information to Trenton’s grandparents, which he lived with on and also off through the years.

“He had type of an inefficient residence in his very early years however he never ever held an animosity against anybody,” said his grandmother. “There are no words. You never ever assume you’ll bury your youngsters. Definitely devastating.

Trenton started riding on his grandfather’s motorbike when he was 4.

“He’s an outstanding rider but he didn’t have a possibility to attack his brakes,” his granny stated.

The driving of the auto was taken to the hospital in steady condition.

Trenton’s grandparents acquired him a new Passat 3 months earlier on the problem that he surrender the motorcycle. He was finally all set to do that.